Oils Containing ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid)

Flaxseed Oil Cold Pressed
linum ustatissumum

Standard Cold Pressed, Certified Organic, High Lignan.

Standard Cold Pressed:

A clear golden yellow oil with characteristic taste and smell. The Flaxseed Oil is a mechanically (cold) pressed, unrefined grade of oil and a rich source of Alpha Linolenic Acid.


Certified Organic:

Soyatech’s Organic Flaxseed Oil is pressed from organically grown seeds and is mechanically (cold) pressed by a certified organic manufacturing plant and filtered twice.


High Lignan:

Organically grown seeds and mechanically (cold) pressed by a certified organic manufacturing plant. High Lignan Flaxseed Oil is filtered once to retain some of the natural occurring lignans.

Specifications, Material Safety Data Sheets & samples can be supplied on request. All of our GLA & ALA products are packed in 190Kg net New Steel Drums. Smaller pack sizes are subject to availability.

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