Soft Gel Capsules

TGA Australia, FDA, Canadian Health

Approved manufacturing facility.

Quality Control

Automated inspection equipment that visually identifies and separates a capsule that does not match a reference.

Contract (Toll) Encapsulation on request

Soyatech will supply oil for encapsulation to guarantee quality ingredients in your capsule.


Borage Oil 500mg, 1gm
Evening Primrose Oil 500mg, 1gm
Flaxseed Oil 500mg, 1gm
Omega 3 Oil 18:12 500mg, 1gm
Organic Flaxseed Oil 500mg, 1gm
DHA / EPA (300mg) 500mg, 1gm

Batch analysis supplied with every batch


Minimum order 300,000 capsules

(smaller quantities may be manufactured on request)

Bulk packaging